One day in Valencia

One day in Valencia

one day in Valencia

One day in Valencia

You have only one day to visit Valencia? Great, this is nearly impossible, since Valencia has so many nice spots to see and discover. Anyway, here you will get an overview how to spend your one day in Valencia. Bet you will want to come back for another, longer stay!

1) Enjoy breakfast in a bar

So here’s how you should start your day in the sunny and vibrant city of Valencia: have a nice and ample breakfast in one of the many bars. There are many options to choose from. The desayuno tipico consists of a cup of coffee, a freshly squeezed orange juice and either a sweet treat like a croissant or the typical bread with chopped tomatoes and olive oil. It’s your choice! Furthermore, there are different types of breakfast available, ranging from continental breakfast to a full British one. Breakfast in Valencia is very cheap; the typical breakfast can be purchased for under three euros!

If you want to go for a sweet breakfast, La Tenda 1950 is a brilliant choice. It is a small and friendly bakery serving delicious pastries, crepes and waffles. This is a place to enjoy a good tea or coffee, too. You can find the little bakery at Calle Jesus.

The Café de las Horas is a very nice place to start a day in Valencia. It’s elegance is incentive to linger there for a while. You feel like a Parisian in there, although it offers all the comfort and coziness of an English tearoom as well. On Sundays, they serve brunch from 11 to four in the afternoon.

Plenty local Valencian families enjoy their days off in the Hochateria Fabián. Here you can find pastries, homemade horchata (hot chocolate) and the typical sweet churros.

2) The Old City and the district El Carme

After you have filled your stomach with all that delicious food, you might be full of energy to get to know the city’s most important spots. If you want to be sure not to miss the best things, you should go on a Valencia day trip on a Segway. Like this, you are able to reach all those important places and you will have a guide who knows exactly what to see in Valencia in one day.

Surely, the old city of is one of the main attractions and a must-see for every Valencian tourist. With its nice old buildings, little shops and unique cafés, it is a quarter of unrivaled beauty.

Torres de Quart and Torres de Serranos are two impressive gates situated at opposite ends of the El Carme district. Originally, the city had 12 gates, but only these two can be visited in their complete splendor. They survived numerous attacks and were prisons for several centuries as well. You should pay both of them a visit, since they show different styles of architecture and they are just a walking distance away from each other.

While wandering through the narrow streets of El Carme, you should keep your eyes open to discover some urban art. On Calle Moret, you can find the most famous piece of street art of the city, a kissing couple. Many couples love to take a picture there. The painting is a copy of a picture taken at London Bridge Station, but the couples’ identity still is a mystery. So maybe it is you? Have a look and find it out for yourself.

one day in valencia

3) Hunt some typical food for a quick lunch

Why not combine your sightseeing with some food hunting?

The Mercat Central in the old city, situated on the Plaza del Mercado, is an excellent address to admire the beautiful architecture and to gather some bits and bites to take home. The Central Market is a place where locals and tourists mix while finding the most delicious food. The building itself is worth seeing. It was built in 1914 and an excellent example of beautiful architecture. 959 stalls fit in it, and the colorful glasswork adds a luminous atmosphere to the building.

The Central Market even offers a delivery service; you can stop by in person and then let your goods be delivered to your door. If you are more of a lazy type of person, you can just call the individual stalls or order in bulk conveniently from home. As well, you can order by fax or on the internet. Another market worth seeing is the Mercado de Colón, which is not any less beautiful than the Mercat Central.

If you are only one day in Valencia, hunt your favorite food at the Mercat Central and then head over to the Parque del Turia to have a nice lunch picnic in the park.


4) Eco walk

The Parque del Turia has once been a river, but is now the most beautiful park you have ever seen. It is nine kilometers long and offers lots of space for tourists and locals to take a walk, admire the beautiful flowers and trees, do some sports or have a picnic. Many locals even use the Parque del Turia to celebrate their birthdays.

There are a lot of important and astonishing buildings and installations alongside the park, like the big monument of the sleeping Gulliver consisting of unbelievably numerous slides or the City of Arts and Sciences, which is very impressive to look at even from the outside. Since you only have a day in Valencia, you should cross the dried river by Segway, if you want to see all of it.

one day in valencia

5) Time to gain some knowledge

Now it is time for discovering new things and widening your horizon. A good place to do this is the City of Arts and Science, at the part close to the harbor of Parque del Turia. It is a huge complex, built by Santiago Calatrava and a very nice example of contemporary architecture. So if you are in a hurry, just take a look at the building from the outside and let yourself be amazed by its beauty. Inside, you can discover the Science Museum, the Hemisfèric (which is a planetarium and an IMAX theatre), the huge aquarium Oceanográfico or the Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts (this is a venue for performing arts). You can buy tickets for special individual attractions or you can purchase a combined ticket. But beware. To see the whole thing might take days, so this is not suitable for one day in Valencia.

Next to the City of Arts and Sciences, you can find the Las Fallas museum. If you are in Valencia in March, you should keep your eyes open for the real thing – the Las Fallas festival. It is a huge celebration with parades and fireworks and many figurines that are burnt at the end of the festival. However, don’t worry if you didn’t choose March for your Valencia day trip; you can get the idea of this big spectacular event in the Las Fallas museum, which shows you representatives of the figures from the last 80 years. This is very interesting, since every year, one of the figurines is saved from its tragic death by fire by popular vote and then displayed at the museum. Often the figures are very humorous and they are always very interesting to look at. You can learn about the history of the Las Fallas as well and watch a ten minutes video about it.

6) Evening entertainment combined with food

When the night settles in and you grow hungry again, there is time for your well-earned dinner. Since you only have one day in Valencia, you should combine your dinner with a lovely flamenco show.

The MON does not only serve exceptional food, but has a brilliant flamenco show as well. So while enjoying your meal, watch and let yourself be amazed by a hearty and wonderful show.

The restaurant La Buleria – Tablao Flamenco is close to the Museum of Arts and Science and is the perfect place to end a day in Valencia. They have a wonderful flamenco show and you can choose from different dishes that range from 40 to 55 euros, including the show and drinks.

If you want to watch something more exotic while enjoying your dinner, you should visit the Pekado. There you can savor a special drag queen show and your lunch for just 24 euros.

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