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The photos of valencia night tour on segway The photos of valencia night tour on segway The photos of valencia night tour on segway

Valencia Night Tour on Segway

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When the daylight gives way to the night, Valencia’s atmosphere changes and becomes special. Temperatures might drop but in most seasons, it is still warm and cozy outside and people change from work to leisure mode. It is time to get together, enjoy a nice meal and chat (in Spain, the meal around 9 or 10 pm is the most important one of the day and is celebrated lavishly). The city lights illuminate many wonderful spots in a breath-taking way, so the nighttime is perfect to go outside, take the Segway and let yourself be amazed by Valencia’s beauty. Segway Anyway Valencia offers two different options to do so, which leaves you with the difficulty of choosing. If you want to enjoy a 90 minutes Segway ride to the most popular sight in Valencia, we recommend the tour to the City of Arts and Sciences. If you want to see more of Valencia by night, go for the second option, the City of Arts and Sciences plus the Seaport!

1st option: City of Arts and Sciences by night, 90 minutes

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is one of the 12 Treasures of Spain. 9000 proposals were launched on the Internet, but the City of Arts and Sciences was voted to be one of the 12 most interesting and beautiful places in Spain by its people. It is not only one building, but six, and they all have their elegance. Walking past the L’Hemisfèric, which looks like a giant silver futuristic eye, and strolling past the L’Oceanogràfic, one of the biggest aquariums in the world housing dolphins, belugas and Jellyfish, is a treat while the sun still shines. But illuminated in the dark, those buildings are an exceptional delight for those who take the time to look at it in detail.

2nd option: City of Arts and Sciences and Sea Port, 120 minutes

On segway, we will find our way through the Turia Park to the City of Arts and Sciences. Turia Park offers a relaxed and calm atmosphere at night that we will enjoy while heading to our destination. We will find it in this beautiful park, the lights of the City of Arts and Sciences will guide our way from a distance. The 6 buildings of the most popular sight in Valencia are illuminated by night in a mystical way and we will have time to enjoy it thoroughly and learn more about its architecture and history.

After admiring the gems of the City of Arts and Sciences, we will take our Segways to the Sea Port. Valencia’s sea port is the 5th busiest seaport in Europe, but you will still experience that observing the hustle and bustle of the busy seaport has a calming effect in the moonlight. Valencia’s generous promenade and the wide Malvarossa beach are situated next to the Sea Port. Numerous restaurants serve fish and Tapas and fill the air with the typical Mediterranean smell. The sound of the sea makes you wish you would never have to leave the place. You will see and feel it, at night, the beach and the harbor are unwrapping their certain kind of magic!

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