Things to do near Valencia

Things to do near Valencia

things to do near valencia

Things to do near Valencia

 Valencia itself has many sights and things to do. If you get tired of the city life though, you should take a look at Valencia’s surrounding, since there are many beautiful places to visit near Valencia.

Albufera Natural Park – one of the best places to visit near Valencia

A brilliant place to relax is the Albufera Natural Park not far away from Valencia. It is very cheap to get there; you can use the city bus number 25 to go to El Palmar and El Perellonet. In under an hour and for only 1,50 Euros you will be there.

El Palmar itself is a place to linger for a while and enjoy the best local food like Arroz a Banda, Alli I Pedre or of course Paella. But the main attraction is the Albufera Park, the home of the largest lake in Spain and one of the best tourist attractions near Valencia, Spain. The lake and its surrounding are the home of many rare species, mainly birds. Naturally, bird watching is one of the main activities around the lake. If you would like to add a little bit of romance to your life, you shouldn’t miss the boat trip on the lake. While feeling the water underneath, you can watch the setting sun and the water reflecting all those beautiful colors.

Unique beaches and other places near Valencia

40 kilometers from Valencia’s city center, right by the river Jucar, you can find the town Cullera. Cullera is a small town with an old castle from which offers an excellent view of the surrounding. The town also has an ancient pirate’s cave, which can be visited by boat. Despite of being a small town, Cullera displays its name Hollywood-like on the Sierra de les Rabosses mountain range, so that everybody can see the town’s name from afar.

However, this is not what it makes one of the places to visit around Valencia. It’s the beaches around Cullera that really make the place special. And there are a lot of them.

If you want to enjoy a quiet beach, the Playa Mareny de San Llorenc is the best option. This beach belongs to the Albufera National Park and is next to the town of Sueca. It offers 3 kilometers of unspoiled nature and nice sand dunes. If you want to get rid of all your clothes, you will find an opportunity at the Playa Mareny de San Llorenc, because it has a section where nudism is permitted.

Windsurfing is one of the things to do near Valencia as well. The beach Cap Blanc provides a windsurfing school and the best conditions for beginners and experienced windsurfers. If you are not too keen on doing sports during your holiday, you can sit back, relax and watch the colorful fish the Cap Blanc is famous for.

There are a lot more beaches round the town Cullera, like the Playa San Antonio, the Play Escollera or the Playa Marenyet. Therefore, it is likely that you will find your perfect beach around Cullera!

What are other attractions near Valencia Spain?

We all know that Venice can be found in Italy, but Little Venice is one of the tourist attractions near Valencia, Spain. Precisely, Little Venice is located in Albaraya. And it is also known as Port Saplaya, a part of the city Albaraya. The reason why Port Saplaya is called little Venice is it’s Venice-like appearance. Colorful houses with huge balconies are built very close to the port. It might be possible to jump from your window directly to your yacht. That’s how close harbor and houses are.

If you want to experience how it feels to be in Little Venice, you can take Metrobus number 112 to go there. Besides, Port Saplaya doesn’t only consist of the port, it has a very nice beach as well where windsurfers practice and enjoy a nice breeze. If you want to go shopping, you can do it there too, since you will find a shopping center to buy yourself a nice treat.

Sagunt – a perfect place for history lovers

North of Valencia, you will find one of the oldest cities of the area. The city of Sagunt is shaped in a very funny way. One part of it, namely Port de Sagunt, is located directly at the sea, while the historic center of Sagunt and its sights can be found inland, five kilometers away from Port de Sagunt. Worth visiting are the Teatro Romano and the Castillo de Sagunta.

The Teatro Romano is an impressive historic place, the Romans started building it 50 AD. Six thousand spectators enjoyed the picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea from the theatre. It was renovated thoroughly in the nineties and is now a wonderful example of Roman architecture.

The Castell de Sagunto is one of the places to visit near Valencia as well. It is quite an impressive building with its thick walls and monumental towers. Furthermore, it is a very interesting place for history lovers. It has seen over two thousand years and Iberian, Roman as well as medieval remains can be found there. It is a National Monument since 1931.

Natural waterfalls of Montanejos

The town of Montanejos is home to natural hot springs, which are said to contain very healthy minerals to cleanse your skin and support your health. You have to admit that the natural hot springs and waterfalls of Montanejos are places of incomparable beauty. They are the most beautiful and paradise-like places to go near Valencia.

The hot springs carry a story along that adds further to the fairytale atmosphere it offers. It is said that an Arab King constructed them in the 13th century for his favorite wives so that they would stay beautiful and healthy forever. There is no proof that this really worked, but looking at the wonderful landscape and swimming in the blue water really must be good for your health. Furthermore, there is a lot to explore, like caves you can swim into.

The “Bridal veils” waterfalls are just that place you would like your spouse to ask to marry you. The clear white water is falling from the rocks like a veil and flowing into the blue lake. It is one of those places that makes you feel alive and reminds you of how beautiful live can be.

Several organizations offer day trips to Monanejos. It is worth looking for them so that you will not have to wonder about missing the best parts.

things to do near valencia

Special winetasting tours and other things to do around Valencia Spain

You shouldn’t leave Valencia without a wine tasting tour. One of those things to do near Valencia is exploring the 13,000 hectares of vineyards in the vicinity of Valencia. The Valencian region is really famous for its tasty wines. Over 100 countries import wines from here, so you shouldn’t miss on this great opportunity to taste the delicious red or white wine that grew in the area.

You can start your wine tour from Calle Xàtvia, which is located in the city center of Valencia. From here, the Wine Bus will take you to your tasting adventure. It takes the passengers along the wine route and starts at Calle Xàtvia every Sunday at 10:00. While enjoying the landscape, you will learn a lot about cultural peculiarities and of course, it will take you to one of those romantic wineries to enjoy a typical local meal. And of course, different tasty and delicious wines.

Unique and handcrafted treasures in Manises

Manises is one of the places near Valencia that are dedicated to a special craft. The people of Manises are very experienced in the production of ceramics. In the town’s museum, you can admire pieces dating back to the 14th century, all handcrafted in Manises. Furthermore, the museum gives an insight into the development of the ceramic business from the 14th century to today.

If you want something very special to take home with you, you can visit one of the many factories in Manises or create your own piece while visiting a craft workshop. There are courses for all ages and you can learn a lot about the techniques. It is possible to book a workshop that takes three hours, but also weeks or special seminars are possible, if you want to become an expert in handcrafted ceramics. But the best part is that you can take home your own, self-made product. One piece of treasure that is unique in the whole world. Doesn’t that sound rewarding?


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