Things to do in Valencia with kids

Things to do in Valencia with kids

things to do in valencia with kids

Things to do in Valencia with kids

Travelling with friends or with your honey is different from travelling with kids. Kids have very special interests and they want to be entertained. Here you will find some nice idea how to keep your kids busy while enjoying your stay in Valencia as well. Your kids will love it! And you too.

What are the best things to do in Valencia with kids?

Did you ever read the story of Gulliver’s travels to your kids? Good, then you might remember the story. The sleeping Gulliver is tied down by Lilliputians, who are in fear because of his size.

You can be a part of this story and discover how it is like to be a Lilliputian yourself. And you should take your kids with you, since the Parque Gulliver in Parque del Turia is one of the best things to do in Valencia with kids.

While standing in front of the colossal monument of Gulliver, a very surreal feeling emerges. The huge installation makes you feel tiny and trivial. But your kids will love him. The giant Gulliver is less fearsome than one might think. He invites to have some fun and enjoy yourself, since he consists of various slides and stairways. This makes Gulliver a nice friend to kids and even to grown-ups. During very hot days, it is recommended to bring along a towel, since the slides heat up very fast.

If you want to see how the site looks from above, you can have a look at the miniature model and get an idea of the view any random passing bird might have.

Biopark – unique African fauna experience

Your kids love animals? And you want to escape the buzzing business of the city for a while? Perfect, because the Bioparc in Valencia offers all that and more for the whole family.

If you wonder what to do in Valencia with kids, you just have to follow the Parque del Turia until its very end. Why not making an adventure out of getting there? You could rent Segways for the whole family. Like that, the fun starts even before you reach the destination of your little trip.

In the Bioparc next to Parc de Capcalera, you can discover the wild nature of Africa. It has 100,000 square meters for presenting the wild animals in a vegetation that comes close to their natural habitat. What makes the Bioparc special is that they created habitats in where animals of different species live together, as they would in nature.

So the Bioparc Valencia is not only a fun event for kids and grownups, it also has its educational purpose. You can learn about the ecosystem and about the relationships between the different elements of the ecosystem. Furthermore, the Bioparc offers all kinds of activities, like screening movies for kids or educational tours for school classes. So look up their webpage for special events you and your kids might like to join.

The biggest green playground of the world: Parque del Turia

So, let’s come to the before mentioned Parque del Turia. It’s not just like any other park. The Parque del Turia is a very special place. It has nine kilometers, which nearly surround the city, so you could walk from the Parc de Capcalera to the City of Arts and Sciences. That is if you don’t mind hurting feet and your kids complaining about the long walk. So maybe it is easier to use a Segway, if you want to discover all of Parque del Turia.

And there is a lot do discover. It offers many things to do in Valencia for kids. The Parque Gulliver is just one of the attractions you can find there. Besides the very nice and lovely to look at palm trees and orange trees it has fabulous picnic spots to enjoy a lazy day out with the family. Bring along a blanket and some food and find a place next to one of the many playgrounds and your kids won’t complain that you are taking too long. It will be the other way round. You will have to convince them that it is time to go home eventually.

If your kids love water and boats, the Parc de Capcalera worth a visit. You will find very fancy boats there like boats that are shaped like a swan or a dragon. Your kids will love them! And if you like doing some sports, no problem, along the way you will find many sports facilities your kids might like to try as well. If you get hungry and thirsty, you don’t have to leave the park. You will find some nice places where you can sit outside and fill your empty stomach.

Besides, the Parque del Turia has once been a river. That’s why locals often refer to it as “the river”. A devastating flood in 1957 was the reason for landscapists to alter the course of the river and dry out the riverbed. But it was not before 1986 that the park was inaugurated. Good things take time. And that’s what you and your kids should do in the Parque del Turia: spend some time there.

things to do in valencia with kids

Ocean and kids

What about some underwater fun? Would you and your kids like to meet playful dolphins, huge walruses, cute sea lions, funny penguins and even dangerous looking sharks? The Oceanografic, next to the City of Arts and Sciences, invites you to get to know all these interesting creatures of the sea. It is the home of 500 different marine species and a great leisure center as well as a research center.

The Dolphinarium exhibition is what your kids will love as well. With its five pools there is nothing like it in all of Europe. So just sit back, relax, and let yourself be stunned by the intelligence and abilities of these friendly creatures.

And don’t miss the underwater restaurant in the Oceanografic. It is so nice to enjoy a delicious meal while the calming sea surrounds you. As well, it is an experience you should really share with your kids. The restaurant consists of two floors; the lower floor is surrounded by an aquarium and the upper floor by a lake. You will get the impression that you are stranded on an island. You see, the Oceanografic is really one of those things to do in Valencia with kids.

A simple day at the beach with kids

Naturally, the beach is not only a fun place for grownups. Kids will enjoy a day at the beach even more, since there are so many things to do there. The city beaches Malvarossa and Las Arenas offer children’s play areas, nice restaurants and of course: la playa.

While the parents might want to relax in the sun for the while, the little ones can become creative. They can build the biggest castle out of sand ever and maybe find other kids to help them. On Malvarossa beach, you can sometimes look at the stunning detailed castles or the outline of the city of Valencia built of sand by professionals.

Enjoying the tickling water on your bare feet is another fun activity you and your kids will enjoy. If your kids are a little bit older, there is lots of stuff to do at the beach as well, for example playing football or other beach games.

Have a little bite at the 100 Montaditos

Kids often are so hungry that they could eat the complete menu. But when the food arrives, they try a few bites and get bored easily. And it is such a pity to throw away half of the food, isn’t it? So you end up eating the chips or the pizza you would never have ordered. Does that sound familiar?

A good way to avoid this is to dine or lunch at the 100 Montaditos at the Placa de la Reina. They have a menu that consists of 100 choices of small sandwiches as well as salads and fries. You can find pens and papers on the tables, and you have to order by just ticking whatever you like. The sandwiches are tiny and very varied, so that your kid will find the sandwich he or she prefers. And you won’t leave hungry, too!

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