Unusual things to do in Valencia

Unusual things to do in Valencia

Unusual things to do in Valencia

You are not very keen on main tourist attractions, and think it’s only for bores and people who lack a certain creativity? Then you should read the following hints on how to spend your time in Valencia in a rather unusual way.

What are the craziest from unusual things to do in Valencia?

Tomatina. It sounds like a soup made of tomatoes, and this is not misleading. A lot of squishy tomatoes are involved, a little town called Buñol, only 30 kilometers away from Valencia, the street and you. It takes place the last week of August and is the craziest and most insane event you have ever experienced. In a nutshell, the Tomatina is a party where thousands of people, mainly tourists, have a tomato fight on the Plaza del Pueblo.

The fiesta starts at 10 o’clock with the ham pole climbing. The main goal is, naturally, to be the first one to grab the ham, which is on a 7 meters high tree trunk. The real fight starts at 11 when you are allowed to throw all those yummy tomatoes at the people around you. One hour later, throwing stuff is forbidden. People keep to this code of honor very strictly. Most neighbors are really friendly and help the participants to get rid of all that juicy stuff by using their garden hose. Another code of honor people stick to is the cleaning of the streets by the participants after the great fight.

The Tomatina is said to have neither a political, nor a religious background. It was invented just to put a little bit of craziness and fun in people’s lives. If you want to do one of the most unusual things to do in Valencia, you can buy a ticket for 10 Euros. But be quick. The tickets are limited to 15,000 and you are not the only one who wants to join this fiesta of craziness.

One of the most interesting places in Valencia Spain

You love coffee and cats? And you would’t say no to a cookie or a sweet piece of cake? Brilliant, then there is one place you shouldn’t miss in Valencia: El Passatge del Gats.

The El Passatge del Gats in Calle del Turia is the first cat café in Valencia. They are in cooperation with the cat rescue Adaana Association. This means that rescued cats find a temporary home at the cat café until the right person for them comes along to enjoy a coffee and a cake – and leaves with a cat. At the cat café, the cats have the best opportunity to find their human friend. Maybe it is you?

You already have a cat at home and just want some purring company for a while? Or you just enjoy the comfort of a furry warm body next to you? No problem, you don’t have to adopt a cat, having some treats and company is fine for them. The café is furbished in a very cozy way, making it nice to linger for cats and humans.

Before dropping by for a visit, you have to make a reservation. You can do this online or via telephone. There are different prices, depending on the time you want to spend there and what you would like to eat and drink. They range from three euros for 30 minutes without consuming anything up to eight euros for one and a half hours including a drink and a cake. Cat optional.

unusual things to do in valencia

The most unusual thing to do in Valencia during wintertime

When you think of Valencia, you think of a lot of sunshine and very warm weather, don’t you? So going ice-skating would be one of the most unusual things to do in Valencia, don’t you think?

Yes, most people don’t come to Valencia to put on their ice-skates, but enjoying the best part of the winter is possible in Valencia as well. The Fun on Ice ring at Quart de Problet even offers special events for birthdays. Whether it is your friend or your kid whose birthday has to be celebrated – they have a special program for everyone. Dinner is provided at the skating ring as well, so you don’t have to worry about catering for your guests.

But the nicest and most romantic time for going ice-skating is the Christmas time. The Plaza del Ayuntamiento is decorated in a very festive way and the lights add a very solemn and fairytale-like atmosphere to the square. The huge ice skating ring invites the passers-by and shoppers to linger for a while in that very Christmassy atmosphere. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to burn some calories, so your next Christmas treat doesn’t cause you pricks of conscience.

Another possibility to go ice-skating around Christmas time is to visit the Agora of the City of the Arts and Sciences. You can enjoy their uniquely illuminated skating-ring for seven euros the hour. Therefore, you see, Valencia is not all about sun and beach, but also about cooling off and enjoying a festive winter season scene.

unusual things to do in valencia

Wineries and other interesting places in Valencia Spain

 Wine tasting tours are on the agenda of many Valencian tourists. But what about a flying wine tour with spectacular views from above?

Your wine tour starts at the winery, 75 kilometers away from Valencia. This tour not only includes wine, but also a hearty local lunch and some very impressive views of the striking landscape surrounding Valencia.

After being light as a feather for one hour, you will be back on the ground. However, you will never forget this awesome flight. To help you remembering, you will receive a certificate you can take home as well as some photos on a CD. The complete tour will take five hours and is a nice way to spend a lovely day with your friends and family.

If you are into unusual architecture, Valencia has the right spot for you. One of the most interesting places in Valencia is the narrowest house of the city. Some claim, that it even is the narrowest house of the world. It is located in the old city center of Valencia at the Plaza Lope de Vega, and can be reached comfortably by foot or taking Segway tours.

It looks like a very thin house squeezed into a little gap in-between two normal sized houses. A sign above its door indicates that the building is only 107 centimeters wide. And yes, the house is not much wider than its door, which makes it a very odd building to look at. Although it is that narrow, it has five floors. The house is quite old, and the red color makes it blend in perfectly to its surrounding. In 2007, the building was restored, so that the narrow house now shines in its beauty of former times.

Do people really live in such a narrow building? That’s a good question to ask. And the answer is yes, they do. But only thanks to the connection of the upper floors to the adjoining buildings. Like this, the narrow rooms have been enlarged to normal sized flats. It is also possible to enter the building. You just have to visit the tapas bar La Estrecha. The bar has kept the original floor and exhibits some very interesting historic photos of the building. So you will see, it is like the Tardis: much bigger on the inside.

A different way to watch a movie

Valencia offers many cinemas, some show movies in their original language, providing subtitles in Spanish. But if you are in search for interesting places in Valencia, Spain, you should watch out for the Autocine Star.

It is situated at the Pinedo beach, not for from Valencia’s center, next to the harbor. After driving your car for a short time, you can enjoy a nice time with your family or your friends without the noises of strangers around you. You have to deal with your friends’ noises while eating popcorn though, except when staying in your car all by yourself.

The price is six euros per person and three euros per car, but if you look up their webpage for special deals, you can enjoy your movie for much less. They offer family days (Sundays) or cinema days (Wednesdays) with reduced prices.

So if you love your car (or your rented car) and want to take it everywhere, the Autocine Star is the right place for you. There you, your car and maybe your family and friends can watch the latest movies in a private setting.

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