Valencia activities

Valencia activities

valencia activities

Valencia activities

So you have seen all the most important sights in Valencia and don’t want to miss doing your weekly amount of exercise? Or you are more of an active kind of person and want to create your time in Valencia according to your needs? No problem, we have some activities in Valencia, Spain for you, which you will truly enjoy!

What are the most famous Valencia activities?

Surely, when thinking of what to do in Valencia, the beach pops up first. Although Valencia is a big city with many sights and places of interest, the city offers various places to relax as well. Chilling at the beach is one of the best activities to do in Valencia, since the beach is not far away from all the main attractions and it has all the commodities you need for a relaxing day at the seaside.

The Malvarossa beach of Valencia is divided into three main areas, which are called the Malvarossa, Las Arenas and Patacona beaches. They are all very clean, family-friendly and spacious and as well close to the city. You can reach them by tram, bus, bike or Segway.

The beaches are very popular with the locals, so spending your time there makes you feel less like a tourist. The large promenade that is lined with palm trees offers plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy your meal.

Furthermore, the beaches offer lots of space, so that you will find a spot to tan, relax, or even play some volleyball or attend a yoga class on the beach. The Patacona beach is the most quiet one of the three, so if you want to get away from all of the busyness, the Patacona beach would be the place to go.

You don’t just want to tan, you want to be active while doing so? No problem, the beaches of Valencia offer many fun activities to choose from.

The Mediterranean Surf School has surf classes for all ages. Two hours are 28 Euros, but you can also buy a combined ticket for 10 hours or you can attend a summer course. If you feel more like trying stand-up paddling, you will find the right course there as well. They even have longboard classes, if you are afraid of water. Kite surfing is also possible at the beach, so if you want to try it, look at the website of the Club Kite Casbah Valencia.

Beach volleyball is another of the best activities to do in Valencia. Malvarrosa beach and Patacona beach are equipped with nets       for the eager players. If you want to join a team, you can add yourself to the Facebook Group “Voley Playa Valencia Alternativo” and take part in a match.

Alternative activities in Valencia Spain

From Valencia’s central marina, you can get on board of a catamaran, a ship or a boat and enjoy the glittering sea and the nice view of the city from the sea. Different tours can be booked, like a boat and paella tour for those who don’t want to miss their precious paella while sailing, or a catamaran sailing tour. It is also possible to party on a boat, and sailing into the sunset is one of the best activities to do in Valencia, Spain. This very romantic journey can be booked for only 27 Euros.

 You can take the metro or a bus, but there are better options to find your way around Valencia. Why not hiring a Segway or a bike? Like this, you can enjoy a nice breeze and the warming sun on your skin while getting from one place to another.

Valencia offers 9 kilometers of park, and people enjoy riding a bike or a Segway in the Parque del Turia, so riding your bike is one of those popular Valencia activities. The park has special lanes for bike and Segway riding, so the danger of crashing into pedestrians is quite slim. Bike and Segway rentals can be found all over the city, so you don’t have to walk for long until you will find you wheeled friend.

valencia activities

If you stay in Valencia a bit longer than just a few days, you can apply for a long-term hire card and use the Valenbisi bikes. You will find Valenbisi stations everywhere around the city. The Valenbisi app tells you exactly where to find those stations and how many bikes or docking stations will be available at the stations.

Sport Valencia activities

In the evening, when the locals have come home from their working day, the Parque del Turia gets pretty busy. People use the lighted running track and stop for some exercise at the sports equipment along the way. People run alone, in groups or with their dogs, and if you are just walking through the park to admire its beauty by night, you have to be careful not to get in the way of the many running Valencians.

Why not joining them? Running is one of the most popular activities in Valencia, Spain, and the city offers excellent conditions for doing so. The mild climate and the long running tracks help you to keep on running without getting too cold or having to stop at traffic lights. While running the park, you can look at people doing all kinds of sports. The park has many fields for playing football, rugby or baseball and people attach their slackline to the trees to improve their balance.

If running is not the right sport for you, watch out for yoga or pilates classes in the park. Why should you go to a muggy gym, when you can enjoy the brilliant fresh air while exercising?

valencia activities

Cooking activities in Valencia Spain

You enjoy the typical dish of Valencia – paella? For you it is the best and most yummy dish ever? Brilliant, then you should take part in a paella-cooking course in order to be able to cook your own paella and show your kills to your friends. They will really appreciate that you dwelled on one of the most useful activities to do in Valencia.

The Escuela de Arroces Y Paella Valenciana offers an authentic cooking experience that teaches you how to create the delicious paella step by step. First you go the the Mercat Central, where you shop all the ingredients you need to make an authentic paella. When you head back to the kitchen, an expert will supervise you and surely, you will be able to cook the best paella ever. The best part is tasting it afterwards, but your effort will be rewarded with a diploma for paella cooking as well.

This workshop is a very sustainable way of spending your time in the city of paella, and your friends will admire you for the diploma as well as your skills afterwards!


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