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All you need to know before riding a segway in Valencia

In our first article, we have talked about the best things to visit in Valencia. Today we would like to answer the most common questions about Segway in Valencia. Why to choose a Segway ride? Because it is an easy and fast way to see many sights of the city especially when you don’t have so much time.

First, let us talk about this type of transport and answer the questions you might have about it.

Who can ride a Segway?

After receiving a short training session, everyone can ride a Segway. The rider must be able to step on and off the Segway without assistance— similar to climbing or going down stairs without using a handrail.

Segway in Valencia – Is it easy to ride?

Valencia is a perfect place to ride a segway because it is very flat. So you will just enjoy the ride and feel the see breeze coming from the Malvarossa beach. The infrastructure in Valencia is not very developed: there are huge distances between metro stations so to ride a segway will save you some time and energy. Let’s talk about the main characteristics of segways.

Movement. Segway is an innovative vehicle that does not require fuel and is powered by rechargeable batteries. The device completely repeats the position of the body of the rider on his platform: tilt forward – go, stand horizontally – braking followed by a stop, lean back – reverse.

Turns. Moving the steering column LeanStear to the left or right, you can smoothly turn to the desired direction.

Control. On the steering column is located the main control point – microcontroller InfoKey:

POWER button. “Enable”, “Off”, “Standby mode”.

Button NEW. Includes a safe mode of movement for inexperienced drivers. There is a maximum speed limit.

Display. The electronic scoreboard provides detailed information about the current state of the device: date, speed, battery level and much more.

DISPLAY button. Allows you to control the necessary parameters: set the time, user-friendly speed format (miles or kilometers), etc.

At what age can children ride a Segway?

Can I block the speed on the Segway?

Yes. By pressing a special sequence of buttons, the InfoKey controller blocks in the beginner mode. It is also possible to lock the speed setting of the beginner mode, the regular mode and the time it takes to activate the standby mode.

What should I wear and bring on my tour?

You should wear comfortable clothes – no high heels or flip flops. It’s good to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, because usually it’s very sunny in Valencia. If it rains, we will provide you with the rain clothes. We have water in the office, but it’s better to bring your own water bottle with you.

Is it possible to have Segway Tour Valencia in different languages?

Yes, of course! Although the majority of our tours are in English, we have Russian speaking tour guides. Also we have external guides who speak German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Is it necessary to book in advance or can I just show up in the office?

It’s highly recommended to book a tour in advance in order to avoid any problems or queues.

Do you organize segway tours even if it rains?

Valencia has one of the most climates in Europe, with mild winters, warm summers and with over 300 sunny days per year, that’s why the rain is not expected.

We do our segway tours even if it rains, snows or when it’s windy! Because we are going on adventures! But if the weather is dangerous we will inform you in advance and change the time of the tour.

Finally, another important thing for your safety – all customers should wear a helmet!

If you visit Valencia, don’t hesitate to ask us any information about the city, we will be glad to be your tour guides! Take a look at our Segway Tours, every week we have special discounts.