Eco-friendly tourism in Valencia

Eco-friendly tourism in Valencia

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Do you want to see as much as possible during your stay in the city of Valencia? Are you in a hurry to get back quickly to your sunbed? If you answered “yes” to both questions, consider some of the segway Valencia tours.

What is a Segway?

A Segway is not an ordinary personal or a vehicle transport. This is the brand new conception of moving through a town or city, which is completely clean and eco-friendly. That said, this environmentally-friendly type of transport lets the drivers move through an area by leaning in the direction they want to go.

Those motorized vehicles are driven through the pedestrian areas with a special monitor while moving in a convoy consisting of tour participants. That’s why a segway Valencia trip is very popular among tourists as a green transportation.

segway valencia

Why choose a Segway in Valencia?

Being known for a good weather most of the year, the city of Valencia is open to all visitors throughout the year. Although the city routes are fairly easy to cross, it could be a daunting challenge to visit all the areas within a day. This is especially true if you want to visit the spots that are far away from each other.

Let’s say you wanna visit the City of Arts and Sciences, the Malvarrosa Beach, Cabecera Park, the neighborhood of Ruzafa, and the Silk Market in a single day. This is where segway Valencia comes in! A Segway is considered to be the best tool for those wanting to go briskly from one side to another and have a nearly complete vision of the city in a short time.

The most popular Segway tours in Valencia

Acting as the balance stand-on bikes, the Segways resemble the vehicles from the sci-fi movies. That makes them ideal for traveling around the City of Arts and Sciences (La Ciudad de las Arts and Ciencias), an entertainment-based architectural and cultural complex in Valencia. This way, you can also get through the following areas:

  • The historical city quarter
  • The beaches of Valencia
  • Seaport of Valencia
  • Cabecera Park
  • Turia Park
  • El Cabanyal
  • Valencia’s Street Circuit
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia, etc.

There are a number of Segway tours through which you can see above-mentioned places. Just to mention some of the most popular:

  • The Arts and Science tour
  • The park tour
  • Seaport tour – Marina & Cabanyal
  • The medieval tour
  • Nature tour – include the most beautiful gardens of Valencia

Apart from these tours, you can even make your own route by picking the interest points you want to visit.

So, segway Valencia allows you to discover the city of Valencia with contemporary, elegant, and ecological means of transport. It is perfect for those wanting to move around and enjoy their trip in a different way.

If you want to discover best places in Valencia, choose one of our Segway Tours.





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