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3 Parks Segway Tour

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Segway Anyway Valencia goes green! We are offering a completely new and absolute stunning tour for those who like nature, trees, idyllic places and recreation.

We will start this Segway tour at our office in Calle Zapateros 8 in the middle of the beautiful historic city center of El Carmen. Our first destination will be the Cabecera Park, a fantastic spot ideal for enjoying the sun and the green area surrounding without the hustle and bustle of the typical touristy spots of Valencia. The Cabecera Park offers a lake with swans, ducks and dragon boats waiting for their captains to discover the admittedly very calm water. Furthermore, it is a nice spot to look at with its stonewalls and very winding paths that recall the flowing river that was once flowing in the Turia Park. However, the Cabecera Park is not only the home to many plants and trees but also to animals from all over the world. The Cabecera Parkoffers huge open spaces for its inhabitants and lets visitors be a part of wildlife.

Why does the 3 Parks Segway tour also include? 

After discovering the Cabecera Park, our Segway tour will continue through the long Turia Park. In the course of history, the river took lives several times while flooding Valencia, so city planners decided to reroute the river. This left space to build and open a big park, which is now the main recreation spot for Valencians and tourists. We will see people doing all kinds of sports, people having their kids’ birthday parties in the former riverbed, people enjoying picnics and of course more than 50 shades of green! Palm trees line the paths, orange trees glow green and orange and pinewoods and roses add a special fragrance to the park. Turia Park offers not only local trees and plants, but also different types of trees from all over the world. The bottled trees are adapted to the hot climate of deserts such as in Australia or Namibia, but can also be found in the Turia Gardens. Apart from them, you will find cypress, elms, mulberry trees, willows and lindens in this green and magic park.

Our Valencia tour leads us to the Jardines del Real, the Royal Garden. Once upon a time, the Royal Palace was located here and throughout the 20th century, efforts were made to create a perfect place to relax and get more energy in this magical place. The Royal Garden is often turned into a venue for cultural events. In the summer, concerts take place at the central esplanade and in springtime, the Feria del Libro fills the park with bookstalls.

After we have discovered green Valencia on Segway, we will head back to our starting point, the office of Segway Anyway. You will have an idea of the unique and green place of the third biggest city in Spain and you might want to head back to the magic Turia Garden, which is just a stone’s throw from our office. However, maybe you will have some tapas in the old city first. It’s much nicer to relax in the sun with a full stomach.

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