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The photos of segway rentals in valencia The photos of segway rentals in valencia The photos of segway rentals in valencia

Segway rentals in Valencia

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You can now rent our SEGWAYS and take them for a fun and unforgettable  ride around the beautiful city of Valencia! Segway Anyway Valencia will provide you with the best service for you to discover the city. We are the Number 1 Segway company in Valencia and the best rated in TripAdvisor.

In Segway Anyway Valencia we are dedicated to offer you an amazing experience with our high-quality Segways. You can explore Valencia in a more comfortable way, seeing everything in less time and most importantly in the most entertaining way. With our Segways you will have an unforgettable holiday. Riding your own Segway in Valencia is a different and unique way to explore the city, so hop on and enjoy! There are many advantages in renting a Segway and here we will mention just a few:

The landscape

With our Segways you will be able to ride alongside the beautiful city of Valencia. You can ride through the famous Turia Gardens, which will impress you with its nine kilometers of green space and its romantic spots through the park. This former riverbed has many interesting stops along the way, that offers visitors the feeling that they are lost in the nature. You can also take your Segway to the Seaport, where you will find many attractions for tourists or even go to the beach and enjoy the gentle Mediterranean breeze. You will see Valencia from a different point of view.

Eco friendly

Segways are electric and noise free. These vehicles are sustainable for the environment, since they are a zero-emission machinery that help protect the natural environment of the city. By using our Segways, you contribute to the conservation of the world’s environment, and help decrease the concentration of gasses in the atmosphere that cause pollution. If you are up for making a difference and supporting sustainable tourism, Segways are the best option for you.

No traffic

You will be able to drive your own Segway and you will be independent to go wherever you want to go. In Valencia, you can find designated lanes for these vehicles without the disturb from traffic. You will have a smooth ride, while enjoying the stroll through Valencia and admiring the most important archeological sites and monuments of the city. The people in Valencia are very respectful of bicycles, scooters and Segways, so it is very safe to ride them while avoiding bustling traffic.

Easy to handle

Our high-quality Segways are very easy to use. Safety is our priority, and therefore in Segway Anyway Valencia, we will provide you with all the instructions on how to ride a Segway appropriately. Riding a Segway is very intuitive and extremely safe, so you will be able to manage them like a professional after a few minutes of riding it.

Everything is closer 

The main attractions in Valencia can be easily discovered by Segway. You can cover more grounds of the city in less time and saving a lot of energy. So, take our Segways and go to places that you cannot reach by foot. Also, if you want to see other hidden and interesting places around the city, Segway Anyway Valencia will take you there. We will give you tips on where to go and what to visit when you take our Segways for a ride. Discover more in less time, that’s our rule!

Who can ride

Segways are perfect for everybody. Weather you come by yourself, with a group or as a couple, you can take our Segways for a ride. If you are a curious  person and you have probably seen people riding their Segways through the city and wondered how it’s like to try it… well this is your chance to do it!


To rent our Segways you’ll need to leave us

- 1 valid original document for the whole group

- 500€ 

The deposite is to be returned after the end of the ride.

Choose your option

The longer version of the tour contains several additional stops or longer stops with more detailed information.

At the client`s request, we can always replace the Segway with a bicycle or an electric scooter.

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