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Cabecera Segway Tour

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Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and need some time out? Or maybe you just enjoy being surrounded by nature and want to see a bit more of Valencia’s landscape? Then Segway Anyway Valencia has the perfect solution for you: Cabecera Park Segway Tour.

What will you see during Cabecera Segway Tour?

You will be surprised to see how many shades of green there are to be seen in 90 minutes. For this unique experience, we will meet at the Serranos Gate – the ancient gothic gate that represents the entrance to the old city of Valencia. The Serranos Gate is one of the two renovated ancient gates of Valencia, the other one being Torres de Quart. They were built to keep enemies out of the city, but later they fulfilled all kinds of purposes, like imprisoning people. Nowadays they have a very different purpose – to give people the opportunity to climb up on them and enjoy a beautiful sight Valencia from the top.

Next, we will find the Turia Park, which was once a river but it is still called “the river”by locals. Because of severe flooding throughout the history of the city, the local authorities decided to open a nine kilometers long recreation zone. Therefore, the river gave way to one of the largest urban green zones of Spain. You can find all kinds of sports facilities, playgrounds, dog grounds and green zones for relaxing or picnicking there. If you get hungry or thirsty, you can stop and buy a drink at one of the outdoor cafes.

A very important point is that riding the Segway in theTuria Park is a lot of fun, because the park provides smooth paths for riding the Segway without any obstacles. There are different lanes for running, riding on the bike or just strolling through the park. So don’t worry about colliding with strollers, the park has enough space for everyone, even on a busy day.

While we are enjoying the colorful plants and the green surrounding, we will stop at some places of interest like the six bridges that cross the former river. The Bridge Saint Joseph is the most ancient one of them. Saint Joseph is the patron saint of the main holiday of Valencia, the Fallas. During four days in March, the city goes crazy. Fireworks, huge figurines and massive crowds of people dominate the city picture. At the end of the festival, those figurines are burnt. They just save one each year, which then is exhibited at the Las Fallas Museum.

What is the main destination for Cabecera Segway Tour?

Finally, we will get to our destination, the Cabecera Park. This beautiful park marks the beginning of the Turia River. The main idea of its creators was to maintain the original atmosphere of the ancient riverbed. While strolling through the winding paths of the green park, it is not difficult to imagine a flowing river, so it can be said that the creators have been successful with their task. The paths are surrounded by romantic stonewalls, which create hiding places for lovers or groups of friends. Trees provide shades so you will find the perfect spot for a nice and delicious picnic. If you didn’t bring any food with you, don’t worry, you can sit down at the cafe and enjoy looking at the beautiful lake. For children, or childish adults, the lake offers boats in the form of ducks, swans and even dragons. Real animals can be seen on the lake as well, although there is no evidence of spotting a real dragon.

The Cabecera Park is also the home of the Bioparc, which is said to be one of the most beautiful places to spot wild animals in a surrounding that gets very close to their natural habitat. Different groups of animals live together as they would in nature, so observing them makes a visit an unforgettable experience. The Bioparc offers various events for children and adults, check out their webpage for any details and plan your visit if you still can’t get enough of nature and animals after you finished the Cabecera Park Segway Tour with Segway Anyway.

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