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The photos of port sa platja tour The photos of port sa platja tour The photos of port sa platja tour The photos of port sa platja tour The photos of port sa platja tour

Port Sa Platja Tour

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Option 1: Port Sa Platja Tour

Turia Park

To begin this tour, we will stroll with our segways down to one of the largest natural parks in Spain, the "lung" of the city: the Turia Park. It is located on what was once the famous Turia River, which once flowed through the city. Today, the Turia Park is more than nine kilometers long Here you can find playgrounds, sports fields and romantic corners, where you can relax and hide from the heat. It is an ideal route to do with an electric vehicle, with zero emissions: our Segways.

Mestalla Stadium

After touring the Turia park and its charming bridges, we will head to the Mestalla Stadium, the soccer stadium in Valencia and home of Valencia Football Club. The name Mestalla honors the irrigation ditch that ran alongside the stadium. But whether you like soccer or not, the Mestalla also has an interesting history and unique appeal that will amaze you.

Roundabout Miramar

We will pass by the Miramar Roundabout, the most expensive traffic circle in Spain up to this date. This viewpoint has a curious origin, which began with its inauguration in 2009 as one of the biggest tourist attractions in Valencia, but today it has become the Mecca of Parkour and urban art in Valencia.

Valencian Orchard

The Horta of Valencia is a historical region of the Community of Valencia. Due to the peculiarity of the terrain and with an approximate area of about 11,000 hectares, the Valencian orchard surrounds the city and is divided into two regions. Nowadays it constitutes one of the most spectacular landscapes to know and enjoy nature if you come to the city of Valencia.

Port Sa Platja

Now the highlight of our tour. We will continue our tour until we reach Port Sa Platja, a picturesque marina also known as "Little Venice". At first, it was a residential area in the 1970s on the coastline of Alboraya, where creative and colorful houses were built. Today, Port Sa Playa belongs to the municipality of Alboraya which is surrounded by chufa or tigernut fields. Alboraya is known as "the cradle of the Orxata" a refreshing drink, prepared with water, sugar and ground tigernuts.

The Carraixet Ravine

Afterwards, we will visit the Carraixet Ravine, a water course that comes from the north of the province of Valencia and collects water from the southern slopes of the Sierra Calderona, flowing into the Mediterranean Sea. This magical place has its own legend called "The miracle of the little fishes". In this tour we will tell you this and more interesting stories about this unique ravine.

Serranos Towers

We will head back to the city center, but we will make a last stop at the imposing Serranos Towers. This monument of military architecture made of ashlar blocks was one of the twelve gates that guarded the ancient Christian wall of the city of Valencia. Today only 2 remain and the Serranos Towers were and are still considered the main entrance to the city.

Option 2: Port Sa Platja Tour with a gastronomic experience + 90mi

But the fun doesn't have to end there. If you choose our Port Sa Platja PLUS Tour option, we will take advantage of our time together to enjoy a delicious typical Valencian meal in the magical Port Sa Platja.

After having toured so many magical and interesting places in Valencia with our Segways, a little break is necessary. Here we can sit down and enjoy an exquisite meal, while we recharge our energies to return.

Certainly, this option will make your Port Sa Platja tour exceptional!

Attention! Lunch is not included in the tour price.

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