City of Arts and Sciences Segway Tour, 90min/120 min

City of Arts and Sciences Segway Tour You have plenty of options to spend your time in Valencia. Our finest segway tour to the City of Arts and Sciences is one of the greatest experiences here. You simply cannot leave Valencia without visiting the City of Arts and Sciences. What does the adventure include? First of all, we will begin our segway tour from the Serranos Gates – ancient gothic gates that used to be a part of the city wall to protect Valencia from the invaders, where your guide will explain to you the history of this amazing landmark of Valencia. After that, you will stroll down to “the lungs” of the city – the Turia Park. It is located in what used to be the famousTuria River, which passed through the entire city. Today, the Turia park is one of the biggest urban parks in  Spain due to the numerous green spaces representing the entire wealth of the Mediterranean flora. With more than nine kilometers with play areas, sport fields and romantic corners where you can relax and hide from the heat. It

Grand City Segway Tour - Visit Valencia in 150 min/180 min

Grand City Segway Tour Do you prefer long, all-inclusive segway tours over the shorter ones? If so, the Grand City Tour is for you! With us, you can expect great flexibility when it comes to starting times and length of the tours. That sets us apart from the rest. In approximately two and a half hours, you will have the opportunity to see the three major sights – Turia Park, The City of Arts and Sciences, and Sea Port. You can also enjoy riding along the beach Las Arenas. Yes, there are a lot of good reasons to choose this segway tour. What are the main tour destinations? During the Valencia Segway Tour, you can visit the following places: Turia Park (The Turia Gardens) – this is one of the most beautiful and largest urban parks not only in Valencia but also in the whole Spain. It is the starting point of the all-in-one tour as well. Crossed by eighteen bridges that represent the history of the city, the one-time riverbed passes by the major monuments and museums on both sides. While going through this

Turia Gardens Segway Tour, 60 min/90 min experience

Turia Gardens Segway Tour If you are a nature lover, you will have an amazing time in this tour.Our journey will be mostly located in the former Turia River, which was transformed into an extraordinary park full of different types of trees from all over the world.  Our company offers you a great way to explore these gardens and enjoy its nature, while relaxing on a Segway ride. Why is the Turia Park tour so great? You are going to start your adventure from the Serranos Gates – ancient gothic gates that used to be a part of the city wall to protect Valencia from the invaders. The next stop of your tour will be Turia Park Valencia. This park is one of the largest urban recreational zones in Spain. It runs through the city along the nine kilometres of green spaces and sports areas, a romantic spot to get lost in nature. You will see Valencia from a different point of view. The wide paths of the park are ideal for an unhindered ride on the segway, since there are bike lanes throughout the

Valencia Seaport Segway Tour, 120min/150 min

Valencia Seaport Segway Tour A bit far from the city center, the Seaport in one of the most interesting corners of Valencia to visit. Don’t forget to put it on your “must-see” list. Our Valencia Seaport Tour will bring you through all the emblematic places of this area. What will you see on the way to the Valencia Seaport? Our amusing segway tour will start from the Serranos Gates, which are one of the two remaining ancient gates of the city wall. Smoothly gliding the segways, we will go down to the Turia Park. On your way, you will observe plenty of rare African trees and other beautiful plant species. Then we are going to pass through the Palace of Music (Palau de la Música) where a lot of international classical concerts take place. After fifteen minutes of strolling through the wide paths of Turia Park, we will see a giant figure of Jonathan Swift’s stories – the Gulliver Park. This is an awesome entertaining playground for children who pretend to be the small lilliputians trying to climb on a giant Gulliver. Afterwards, we are

Valencia Walking Tour - Old Town, 120min/180 min experience

Valencia walking tour The Romans called the old city of Valencia “heaven on earth.” Doesn't it sound like something worth visiting? Valencia old town has one the biggest old cities in Spain. It has a labyrinthine structure and this urban infrastructure was built by Muslims when they conquered the peninsula in 711 A.C. You will be amazed by these charming narrow streets that keep the spirit of the Middle Ages. This is the only place in the city where segways are prohibited, that’s why we created a special walking option for you. With our Valencia history tour, you won’t miss a single thing about this beautiful area. What will you see during Valencia walking tоur? There are plenty things to visit in during this trip. We have highlighted the fascinating attractions that every tourist should experience: Serranos Gate (Porta dels Serrans) Virgen Square (Plaza de la Virgen) City Hall (Plaza del Ayunntamento) Central Mаrket Silk Exchange Market Carmen’s Square (Plaza del Carmen) Be ready to take a thrilling walk through cozy medieval streets of Valencia Old Town and enjoy the atmosphere of the city, making